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Hold Norge Rent - konferansen - Eirik Lindebjerg

Global Plastics Policy Lead, Wwf

Eirik Lindebjerg

Eirik Lindebjerg leads the policy work on plastics for the global WWF network. Together with WWF national organisations from all across the globe, Lindebjerg is developing and advocating for international policy solutions to stop the accelerating environmental threat of plastic pollution, as part of the No Plastic in Nature Initiative. Lindebjerg and his colleagues have been central in the global push for a new treaty on plastic pollution, that resulted in the adoption of a negotiations mandate at the UN Environment Assembly in February 2022.
Lindebjerg is based in Oslo, Norway and is also leading WWF Norway’s plastics team. He is the board chair of the Norwegian Forum for Environment and Development. Prior to joining the WWF, Lindebjerg has worked with green economy at UN Environment and as a journalist at the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. Lindebjerg holds a masters degree from the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, Switzerland.

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