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Hold Norge Rent - konferansen - Yvette  Arellano

Founder & Director Fenceline Watch

Yvette Arellano

Yvette Arellano (they/them) is a Mexican American gulf coast organizer based in Houston, Texas. They are the founder and executive director of Fenceline Watch, an environmental justice organization dedicated to the eradication of toxic multigenerational harm on communities living along the fenceline of industry. In 2015, Yvette led a campaign against H.R. 702, which opened the floodgates to U.S. crude oil exports. They were instrumental in the Center for International Environmental Law ‘Plastic and Health: The Hidden Cost of a Plastic Planet’. 
Yvette has testified before EPA, state and federal legislative bodies about public health impacts from toxic exposure and potential solutions. In their advocacy they have aided in crisis response post chemical disasters and contributed to efforts to stop fossil fuel expansions, new export terminals and offshore drilling. Currently they are leading efforts in Texas to remove historical language barriers that limit public participation of migrant communities in oil, gas, and petrochemical expansion process.

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