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Hold Norge Rent - konferansen - Sonia M. Dias

Waste Specialist, Wiego

Sonia M. Dias

Dr. Sonia Dias is a sociologist by training and a garbologist by heart.  She has played a key role in helping to integrate the social aspects into the technical planning of recycling as a former city officer in Belo Horizonte’s municipal sanitation agency, Brazil.  Her PhD in Political Sciences was on the role of participatory governance in SWM. She is a waste expert by the Kitakyuschu University (JICA fellow). 
She is core group member of Brazil’s Observatory for Inclusive Recycling (ORIS) and of the Waste and Citizenship Forum. She collaborated to Habitat III as Policy Unit expert. She is a member of the Waste Workers working group of Workers Health Place Without Borders. She is Women in Informal Employment Globalizing and Organizing – WIEGO’s global waste specialist and has worked in Africa, Latin America, and Asia. She is the coordinator of WIEGO’s projects in Brazil amongst them the research-action project Gender & Waste, Brazil’s Cuidar Health Risks Project. She is on the advisory board of many organizations such as Pimp My Carroça NGO, the Ocean Plastics Leadership Network (OPLN), the Circular Action Hub amongst others.

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