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Hold Norge Rent - konferansen - Peter Harris

Managing Director, Grid Arendal

Peter Harris

Peter Harris joined GRID-Arendal as Managing Director in 2014. He is a native of the USA, citizen of Australia and resident of Norway. Peter has worked in the field of environmental science management and research for over 30 years. 
He has published numerous scientific books and papers and has taught marine science courses most recently at the University of Agder. Prior to joining GRID-Arendal he worked for 20 years for Australia’s national geoscience agency as a scientist and manager, advising the Australian government on marine spatial planning, state of the environment assessments and was appointed a member of the group of experts for the first United Nations World Ocean Assessment. Apart from managing all of GRID-Arendal’s amazing activities, his interests include plastic pollution of the ocean and conservation. In his spare time Peter enjoys sailing and playing the bagpipes.

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